Medication Regulations Reminder

In accordance with the State of Maryland Health Department requirements, medications MAY NOT be sent to school with a child. The parent/guardian must bring the medication to the school office.

ALL medication MUST be accompanied by a State of Maryland Doctor’s Authorization Form signed by the physician, the parent, and the MCS designated nurse (Mrs. Sharon Picket, R.N.).

These forms are available in the school offices. The regulations apply to prescriptions as well as over–the–counter medications. (i.e., throat lozenges, Tylenol, inhalers, etc.) If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Pickett through the school office.

Medication During School Hours

A separate medication authorization form must be submitted for each medication. If these guidelines are not followed, we cannot administer the medication. All medication must be specifically labeled for your child.

Please notify us verbally AND in writing of ANY food-related allergies prior to the start of school.