About MCS

Mountain Christian School is dedicated to honoring God by providing all students with a high quality educational experience presented from a Biblical worldview. Students are encouraged to apply critical thinking skills in each of their academic subjects. In addition, students are taught Biblical truths to enable them to defend their faith as Christ’s ambassadors. Opportunities are provided for students to grow in faith, knowledge, and leadership.



MCS believes that spiritual growth and renewal is vital in every student’s life. We believe that God’s Word is “a lamp unto our feet and a light for our path” (Psalm 119:115). Accordingly, we provide opportunities throughout the year for students to strengthen their faith.

  • Bible class: Students learn about God’s faithfulness in Bible classes that meet multiple times per week.
  • Devotions: Students participate in daily scripture reading and prayer with their classes.
  • Chapel: Students attend chapel service each week for a time of worship and study.
  • Scripture Memory: Students memorize key scripture passages each week. Teachers discuss the meanings of these scriptures and how they can be applied to real world circumstances.
  • Retreats: Middle school students attend retreats that provide them with both group and individual devotion time tailored toward reflection and growth, strengthening their faith and vision and preparing them to be disciples of Christ.



Biblical concepts are woven throughout all curricular units of study. Spiritual truths are taught as the rationale for all academic subjects.

  • Math—God is a God of order. Mathematical concepts are used as a way to express this order.
  • Social studies—God is the Creator of the world. Events in history are examined through a Christian worldview, assessing God’s plan for the world.
  • Science—God’s Word does not contradict science; when presented from a Christian worldview, they compliment each other.
  • Language—God is the ultimate communicator. He communicates through His Word. Literature is examined in relation to the Bible, and writing is modeled after God’s design.
  • Spanish—God commands His followers to reach out to the lost throughout the world. Learning Spanish opens doors to communicate with non-believers from another culture.
  • Music – God desires for His creation to worship Him. Music is first and foremost a way to praise God.
  • Computer – God commands us to be disciples within the community in which we serve. Students learn to utilize the computer skills and technical knowledge for the growth and advancement of the kingdom of God.
  • Physical Education – Our bodies are God’s temple; therefore, we must be good stewards of them. Being physically active is one way to honor God with our bodies.



Students are encouraged to follow Christ’s example and be servant leaders to others both in and out of school. Service opportunities exist through individual, class, and school-wide initiatives.

  • Grade Level Service: Students in each grade work together to serve and disciple within the school family by completing a service project each year. In addition, they disciple another grade level by teaching them a Biblical concept they have recently learned themselves.
  • Individual Service: Eighth graders are required to complete 10 service hours during their eighth grade year. Other grade levels are encouraged to serve a minimum of 3 hours each year.
  • Extracurricular Service: Service opportunities are provided through various clubs, such as the Student Government Association and the Service Club.